Sugar Knob: November 22 – 23, 2010

Sugar Knob topo*

This was another short one night, weekend warrior, hike with Robert and Andrew doing a quick 11 mile loop of Sugar Knob in Wardensville, WV.  Situated just east of the popular White Rocks overlook, Sugar Knob is part of the many peaks that makes up the Great North Mountain in the George Washington National Forest.  Also, we were un-aware that November 23 marked the beggining of “big game” season, so RV’s lined the mountain roads, filled with plenty of anxious hunters with itchy trigger fingers, ready to grill some venison.

We left Andrew’s focus parked off to the side of the mountain road and headed up the first trail that pointed us towards Halfmoon Mountain.  We steadily climbed the slope for three miles, which became fairly tiresome after a while before reaching the summit and turning northeast along a fire road.  There was a white trail leading out to a vista that we ignored because we were tired and pressed on.  The fire road took a sharp turn up the mountain to the northwest but fortunately our trail continued straight and weaved through some thick brush before we reached the intersection with the orange trail at another fire road.  Tony’s trail description from HikingUpward never led astray and we followed his advice for navigating through the many intersections.  Eventually, we reached the summit of Sugar Knob and descened on the fire road to the intersection with Racer Camp Hollow trail, which we took south.  There were plenty of large hunting camps along the trail, before we reached a nice spot in a small clearing.  A recently downed tree lay next to our camp, so we needn’t walk far to find firewood – a luxury.  Robert took a small nap in the leaves before setting up camp.  Night fell early, and we cooked Tuna Mac with some white rice on the side.  Weather for November was beyond belief – clear night, almost to the point where you could keep hiking without a headlamp.

views from Racer Camp Hollow*

The next morning we got up and continued down Racer Camp Hollow trail, before intersecting with the pink Old Mail path which took us out of the ravine and back to the fire road we parked on.  Views along Racer Camp were sporadic but nice, but Old Mail path was overgrown and wet.  On the way out we hiked past many hunters who shouted inaudbile things at us, followed by a lot of hooting and hollering.  Eventually we found the car where we left it, and got to TGIFriday’s for food.  A nice quick trip.




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